Improving Pedestrian Access for Transjakarta Passengers


ITDP is currently preparing design of pedestrian access to Transjakarta stations to essentially improve the accessibility to Transjakarta station by providing shorter walking distance.

Whilst currently serving many passengers, the poor condition station access to Transjakarta station at the moment is considered less efficient due to long ramp which makes passengers have to walk far to enter the station.

This design will cut the walking distance significantly, by providing stairs in addition to the existing ramp to access the bridge. It is also to ensure that access to users are being provided with options, whether they want to use the ramp or comfortably using the stairs to access the pedestrian bridge, which will eventually save more time and energy without eliminating the access for the wheelchair users.

Following the design, analysis on the passenger travel time savings will also be conducted.  The analysis will show how much passenger benefit will be obtained by improving the accessibility to Tranjakarta stations.


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